Dream Dancers Academy of Music and Dance

Unlike kids who only take one or two classes, Team dancers get to dance more in the recitals and are required to wear their costumes for the Christmas performance. This is not to show favoritism towards them; each dance reflects one class that they take in a week. Some kids take over six classes a week!

Every year, as the Fall semester comes to a close, before the start of Winter Break, Dream Dancers puts on a Christmas recital.

Christmas Recital

Dream Dancers encourages our dancers’ families to attend every show. But if you do attend, please plan to stay throughout the entire show. It is heartbreaking that the kids who dance towards the end of the show only have half the audience that the kids at the beginning have. Ms. Laurel can’t place every dance number at the beginning, but the children in the last numbers work equally as hard as the children in the first ones do. So we respectfully ask that you show them courtesy and watch them dance too.

Children show off their new dance moves or numbers to cheerful, holiday or winter-themed music. Typically, they are not expected to wear costumes, although the Dream Dancers’ staff encourage them to wear Christmas bows or accessories in their hair. Specific dances may require specific clothing items such as scarves or funny hats. Please consult your child’s teacher for any outfit requirements she may have for those dances.

Ms. Laurel likens this recital to a “report card.” It is not nearly as dramatic and high-pressure as the Spring production we hold in June. Rather, it is a way for her to give parents a progress report on their child’s (or children’s) growth as a dancer or a musician.

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.

~Charles Dickens